Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Frank Frazetta by Troy Hoover

Everyone loves Death Dealer! How about a Native American Death Dealer? I really wanted to take this topic as an opportunity to mess around with digital painting again. Still seems to be something I can't totally grasp. I think it's the blending technique that gets me, can't really find a way to make it work the same way real paints do. Anyways I decided to re-paint an existing Frazetta layout as an homage and I put a little twist on it with the Native American thing.


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  2. I think you handled the blending really well.

  3. Thanks bro. Looking at it now though it looks like he's sitting a little too low on the horse maybe.

  4. I really like your take on this but more appropriate might have been a U.S. Calvary soldier.