Tuesday, July 12, 2011

8 Bit Wolverine

I hated comics. In 2nd grade, everyone stopped collecting & trading baseball and basketball cards, and started with comics and comic cards. At recess they pretended to be Marvel Super Heroes instead of Ninjas. I hated it. I wanted to ninja kick my friends in the kidneys, not pretend to be Mr. Fantastic casting a spell on Wolverine. I made fun of all the nerds and used everyone's lack of interest in basketball cards to trade them some lame ass Marvel Cards for all of their Michael Jordan cards.

I already drew all the time; Ghostbusters, Monsters, and Nintendo characters. I loved the manuals that came with Nintendo games, and would draw all the stuff from them I could. What's funny is that I would draw stories, I'd draw one scene on one piece of paper, and then the next scene on another piece of paper. I didn't realize that I was essentially making comics, I just didn't grasp the idea of panels yet. One day, I was hanging out at the boss nerd's house (the guy who converted everyone to comics) and he pulled out his new NES game, Wolverine. He stabbed people, I loved it. So I decided in order to get back at all those nerds, I would become an even bigger nerd, collecting so many comics that it would put their collections to shame. Sticking with comics when everyone else moved on to sports, girls, drugs, alcohol, and careers... eventually I would attend The Super Nerd Academy ( Joe Kubert School ). I totally showed those losers...