Tuesday, July 12, 2011


So I kind of stole a page out of Craig's book this week and went Morrison. I love this era of the JLA. It was the series that got me into comics. It was the only book to make the electric blue version of Superman cool.

I used to read this series over and over again waiting for the next issue to come out... then when it did, I'd start from the beginning and read it all over.

I especially loved the Starro story in the JLA: Secret Files where Starro takes over Flash and everybody in Blue Valley. I also wanted to do a call back to the roll calls that they did at the beginning of every issue.

In my opinion: Morrison and Porter's JLA is the best superhero comic of all time.
Colors coming soon.


  1. Very cool! JLA was one of my favorites, too! I love how you gave Superman his super-mullet, and Kyle Rayner his original costume. I really like that you put the role call in there!

  2. Very cool dude. You are wrong about something though. Nothing made the Electric Blue Superman look cool.