Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Politics, yeah!

Ok, straight off I want to point out that I've been crazy sick the last few days along with my wife, we contracted what can only be described as "kinda like the undead plague, except without all the dying and eating brains and stuff". But I haven't done any work since last week, except for this 'beaut I got for ya right here. Sorry for the "Wall of Integrity" quality piece.

Secondly: No, I do not think that anti-war protesters should be shot by a terrible, dwarf-proportioned Ghaddafi, who bears little likeness to his full size counterpart. Instead, the idea I offer here is, in all seriousness, my response to the idea that some activists have that peaceful protest can succeed against a maniacal leader willing to use violence to secure his seat in power. I believe what happened in Egypt was awesome, but once protests started in Libya, shit hit the fan and war broke out between Ghaddafi's forces and rebels seeking a new democratic government. Sometimes violence is necessary when other options are no longer viable.

P.S. After this blog goes under, this will be the first post on the blog Andy and I will start: "The Blog of Integrity". Again, I offer my apologies. There's always another page!


  1. haha, extra points for the description.

  2. also looks like kid Gio getting shot in the head.

  3. Haha yeah.... def not Gio...at least not on purpose!