Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Muppets by Troy Hoover

Pepe is a King Prawn and he's from Spain. So I decided to draw him in the style of those old paintings around the 1700s of the Spanish/French/English Kings and Queens. Thought it would contrast good with the cartoony nature of The Muppets. I chose a basic layout as I wanted to spend time playing with different brushes and painting techniques. I originally just had rough pencils as this was going to be a digital painting, but it wasn't holding up on its own so I ended up inking it digitally and then taking a somewhat painterly approach with the colors. The frame is just a picture I found on the internet. I thought about drawing it at first but I thought it would look more like a physical painting, something you could grab onto, if the frame were an actual picture.


  1. Haha, nice. That face is so ridiculous. If someone had a giant frame with this in it in their home, that'd be pretty bad ass.

  2. Pepe is one of my favorites. Nice job putting this all together.