Sunday, February 12, 2012

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles by Joe Bowen

When I was young, I thought the TMNT action figure for "Slash" was the hotness. I never saw him on the cartoon, so I just assumed, based on his appearance, that he was a ruthless, unpredictable badass. I mean, he looks like the other turtles, but he has a big demented smile, and a black mask!

Apparently in the cartoon he was a bumbling oaf, so here I've portrayed him as he should be.


  1. I would buy a Joe Bowen drawn TMNT book in a second. This is awesome!
    I thought the same thing about Slash based on his appearance as a boss on Turtles in Time. He's cool in that.

  2. Thanks guys! I agree, Ben, the Slash from Turtles in Time delivered on the promise of the toy.

  3. I totally agree about Slash. I had his toy, to and always treated him like a badass