Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Sean Connery by Tyler Champion

Love the comic, hated the movie.


  1. Word. It seemed like an easy transition from comic to film. Rumor is Connery retired from acting after viewing this movie.

  2. I actually kinda dug the movie. It was a pretty big departure from the book and a lot more dumb, but I got a kick out of it. Connery was awesome....

  3. the movie is awesome and was written at the same time the comic was. there is no connection other than the title.

    1. Maybe the movie is awesome, I didn't like it. But dude, it was an adaptation of the 1999 mini-series. Don't you remember that weird blip in the opening credits? It read, Based on the Comic Book by Alan Moore and then changes to Based on the Graphic Novel by Alan Moore.
      I think they even give Moore and O'Neill writing credits (I could be wrong about that part, though).

  4. I remember it being said that there was a script floating around for a while with a very similar premise to the book, and that the movie was more based on that than the comic.

    I somehow ended seeing it three times in the theatre. The first time, it got such horrible reviews and my expectations were lowered so much that I kind of liked it. Each time I saw it, I grew to hate it more and more. In my defense, my sister works at the theatre, so I never paid to watch it.

    I love this piece, by the way.