Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Hellboy and BPRD by Emi Yonemura Brown

It's Ben Daimio.
Pencilled lefty, inked righty.
Kubert World paper.


  1. Whoa. It even has a sort of Guy Davis feel. I do feel like it needs something in the background, the white is too stark. Didn't he have some symbols or something hung on the walls in his room. Maybe the incense sticks and smoke that were there when the old mysterious guy worked on him.

    Really impressed that you can pencil with one hand and ink with the other,

  2. I've honestly never read BPRD, though I've always been meaning to. Symbols would be good! I love me some symbolism.

  3. Good job on this one Emi.

    -Tyler, this was easier than logging in. However, now that i've taken the time to write all this out explaining my identity I probably could have just logged in.